Separate Ways Together

by Isolated

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Recorded in 2012 By Dan Hollingsworth!
There will be physical copies of this EP through Pinky swear records in the near future!


released January 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Isolated St Albans, UK

Melodic hardcore band from St Albans.

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Track Name: Glitter & Blues
Dark days breed lusts in the hearts of men,
but I swore I wasn't one of them
guess I was wrong, like I knew all along.
My mind's been split into two,
and I don't know which side to choose,
which side I'm on, which side I belong.
The cold night hunts my warm heart
and youth's still the cruelest joke I've ever heard.
Cracked thumbs, sore lips,
a gap in my smile where a tooth once lived,
these were the times of our lives,
forget them every hour, one day at a time.
I know it sucks, saying goodbye,
separate way together, why even try?
Sick of life, sick of death, sick of everything in between.
(Old friend, our apathy consumes me.)
Oh sister, I feel ashamed,
oh brother, I'll take the blame,
(for what it's worth; what is it even worth?)
oh lover, sing me to sleep
Track Name: Pale Kings
Black rot, you just can't stop,
I can taste your vile kiss in the pit of my guts.
As the rumour mill turns,
spinning lies from dust,
I trust no man because no man's to trust.
People like you, all venom and bile, bitter and untrue
you divide and conquer,
while we fracture and fall,
just to wear a crown so hollow.
Still it's only going to drag you down.
Haters begat hatred,
you're just the same,
the devil's in the details,
but you, you need someone to blame.
Why were we born like this;
one open palm, one clenched fist?

Tragedies come in all shapes and forms
And you local locusts, strike in swarms
Wave after wave, as you fail your reforms
In this dying age of repentance

Clawing your ways back to boundaries unknown
Living in the veins of what you call your own
Tearing away at the flesh and bones
And the jugular of an empire.
Track Name: SWT
Old friend, you're the boy done good,
outstretched the meagre expectations placed on us,
as young kids with old hearts,
our grades falling apart,
while we waited on better days,
or so I thought,
to prove life was more than it seemed,
how were we born to live,
what were we born to be?
Guess now, you'll never know
I'll find the answers on my own,
cast astray in a world we hated together, alone,
where do I go?
The search for truth still weighs heavy on me
so now where do I go?
Look down from your pillar of bitter stone,
a fickle heart the weeds will soon overgrow.
Who knew the path that I walked,
would lead to brighter days?
Just so you know.
Track Name: Summer's Bastards
Endless roads, endless streets,
wayward youth blister in summer heat,
breathing deep God’s sickness in the air.
With the windows down screaming fuck the world,
we laugh until our guts give way,
while at the edge of town, the future waits,
lying out there like a killer in the sun.
Hopeless urban cannibal youth,
what the fuck could we ever really do?
You wouldn’t understand,
good sons like you never do.
Remember when we said we’d burn forever?
Well, I don’t feel so warm these days.
Call me up, I’ll be ready to go.
Set ourselves on fire, steal into the night like thieves.
Summer’s bastards, we will ride again,
Summer's bastards, still sick in the mouth of god.
Track Name: Autumn's orphans
So here we go again,
go grab your mother's keys,
pack your shit real quick
because we're leaving here,
out through the open door,
out into last week's snow,
as black and cold as my soul
on the edge of the road.
I sense tonight a dream will die
and I'm praying to hell that it's not mine
so we drive hard, embrace our fears
let them drown the ringing in our ears
as god's tongue moves across the city streets
bars spill out light and bodies into November sleet.
when we hit the shore
we know we have no further to go
and you say,
"if we could start again, believe me, I'd start again"
and I say,
"I'd just do it all the same fucking way."
If this was all for nothing, where do you go now,
when you've been to the depths of your soul
and came up empty, came up cold?
You can't stay positive with the shit that we know.
There's a point of no return
and we've been walking that line most of our lives,
on top of the world looking over the edge.

MIKE: You can say it was all for nothing,
and it was, but at least we tried,
living lives so we could just keep driving,
down the same roads a hundred times.
So keep the music loud,
to drown out the silence
that crashes from our mouths
and fills our lives.

I've accepted I live in a world
where no one ever opens their eyes,
but I always thought so much better of you.
They say this is what happens to everyone
I think about that for a while
but it doesn't help.
As we sit side-by-side on the edge of the world
I learn the hard way
there's no easy way out.